Roketa 150 scooter wiring diagram - 50cc 150cc gy6 chinese scooter service repair manual set om 150set service and repair manuals by service repair manuals this is hundreds of pages of service and repair manuals for gy6 50cc and 150cc scooter engines includes 4 four sep ask your unique question using the form below mon questions about scooter repair maintenance question what type of motor oil is best for scooters answer i m not sure there is one right answer to this but the prevailing wisdom seems to be that you should refrain from using synthetic motor oil for the first 1000 miles other experts here re mend that 15w 40 oil is best after that may 21 2017 rating its a mechanics dream scooter new by anonymous i found one of these on craigslist for 240 it was neglected rusted fenders battery corroded wiring mice ate carb gummed up and simply did not run